Gamedonia no longer accepts
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To all of our customers, thank you for helping us grow and improve the Gamedonia platform over the last four years. Now, we are shifting focus to work on GSN Games projects.

Build realtime multiplayer games

Plug Gamedonia Realtime and build hyper fast multiplayer games hosting synchronous play.

What Gamedonia Realtime brings you



Realtime multiplayer

Gamedonia realtime multiplayer SDK offers reliable connectivity for any game that counts on super fast response to offer the best synchronous performance and deliver an awesome game experience to the players.

Low latency

Our Realtime supports TCP communications to help you keep the latency of your games low with our light message header. Transmission is reliable due to guaranteed delivery and order of data packets.

Realtime chat

Our rooms have an integrated messaging system that auto saves the last messages which is ideal for in-game chat synchronous communication.

Efficient data transfer

With a binary protocol of communications boasting super low overhead you can send information online that’s fast and light, and process packets of information in a very efficient way.

Always on scales automatically

Our decentralized server architecture is prepared to host millions of players and guarantees game data is safe by replicating and distributing it in multiple servers to become immune to possible hardware failure.

Cloud hosted games

Our high performance cloud supports high speed networking for all kind of games so you don’t have to worry about server design and managing it.


Small broadband consumption

Gamedonia two-level distribution schema lets you arrange rooms into groups, which manage the distribution of messages between clients connected to the Realtime, reducing message broadcasting and improving game performance.

Gamedonia is backend with realtime


Gamedonia Backend

Build once, play forever


Gamedonia Realtime

Plug and play multiplayer