Server code

Run scripts from the server side that can be updated
and deployed to live instantly to deliver what players need.


Game logic on-the-fly

Make code adjustments without having to release new versions of the client app to the stores.

Avoid wrong data saves

Pre Save hooks validate that data entities are filled correctly, and rejects the incorrect.

Improve game performance

All custom scripts can be invoked with two simple lines of code, which contain three simple parameters.

server code features

Custom Scripts

Create custom endpoints in Gamedonia backend you’ll be able to call from the client side by simply creating a script. Transform the standard response of an API call to Gamedonia in a different response structure.
Group intensive data search processes in a single call that the standard Gamedonia API will translate into multiple calls to the API.

Server Hooks

Add custom logic to events taking place in Gamedonia API. They are set up as scripts attached to one of the collections of data in the game, which can be run Pre or Post save. Data validation checks that all the expected data is filled correctly.

Scheduled Jobs

Schedule scripts to run from the server side in intervals for as many times as you need, or indefinitely. Create and configure scripts from the Dashboard and they will be executed automatically following the schedule you set, or instantly if you want to run them now.

Code Debugger

The debugger lets you develop and debug code locally, so no web browser failures will add to your time of development. Import and edit scripts created in the Gamedonia dashboard one-by-one or all at once.
The debugger lets you create and edit projects with a Gamedonia structure, just as you would do in the Dashboard via web browser.

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Gamedonia Setup

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Integrate games with our backend. Just add the API key and secret.

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Connect players with our backend. Use a log in credential to track users.