Create reliable turn-based multiplayer games and
add a matchmaking mechanism that allows fair competition.


Make asynchronous
multiplayer games

Turn-based games allow you build custom solutions for all kind of PvP games and offer great experiences.

Avoid cheating
in competitive games

Every action in the game can be verified by the server, either player turns or whether movements are correct.

Fair matches
mean happy players

The exclusive Gamedonia Elo ranking provides enjoyable matches to players of any level of success.

Multiplayer features

Automatic player matching

When all the players’ Elo rating check with one another, you can pair those players in the same match. If slots are still available, the auto-match accepts players accordingly and blocks players who joined from starting a turn until the match is full.

Match generation

A new match is created whenever a player with a certain Elo rating can’t be matched in an existing match with a similar Elo rating.

Elo calculation

Once the match is over, the Elo ratings of all players are updated according to the parameters you introduced and the match is deleted.

Keep players posted about events

Whenever the game starts, or if an in-game event occurs, send notifications to all player logged in devices (unless disabled).

Manage game information

Store player and game state information in Gamedonia’s servers and share it asynchronously with all players as turns are taken.

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