Gamedonia integrates a complete suite of cloud services especially
designed to build, run and operate online games.

Cloud platform

At the center of our backend platform you’ll find two pivotal solutions:

  • Cloud database is a flexible way to manage both user and game data, through a custom profile and open storage structure.
  • Server code allows you to bring custom logic to games which runs from the server side with custom scripts.

Combining the power of Gamedonia solutions, developers can build their own features for multiplayer and social games, such as matchmaking, turn-based, and more.

On top of that, our platform provides turnkey services that are key to online games:

Push | Social integration | In-app purchases | Hosting

Online dashboard

A web browser dashboard grants you access to our backend features, all in one place.

The dashboard lets you create backend projects in Gamedonia which your game client will access through the API.

Managing the cloud content of your game from the dashboard is easy, as it lets you create and update the content of the database and custom scripts at any time.

Besides working directly online we give you a tool to develop locally. Our debugger helps you polish code at your leisure with a function to push/pull code to your games in the dashboard.

You’ll get access to sections for our turnkey services too:

Game status | Database | Server code | Push notifications | Social integrations | FTP hosting

SDK integration

In order to give your game and users access to Gamedonia services, the game client must be able to communicate with our different backend API.

The communication is done with the integration of an SDK into the game engine by simply introducing the game secret and the API key.

Currently we carry SDK for Unity, iOS, ActionScript, Cocos2d-x and Corona.

integrate sdk

Iterative development

We provide two work environments for every game in Gamedonia. What you do is develop and test in the Development environment, and when the game is ready, deploy to Live environment your tested configuration, so real users can play.

Gamedonia is ready for version control and lets you compare the Live configuration package to other configuration snapshots and revert to a previous version if you need to.

iterative design

First steps

Create Account

Sign up for free and access the dashboard to create your backend project in Gamedonia.

Download SDK

Set the API key and secret we’ll provide to communicate your game client with the backend project.

Authenticate User

Open a user session to communicate game users with the backend project and update their profile in the cloud database.

Start with Gamedonia

Gamedonia Setup

Create Account

Sign up for free. One account to manage the backend for all your games.

Download SDK

Integrate games with our backend. Just add the API key and secret.

Authenticate User

Connect players with our backend. Use a log in credential to track users.