Gamedonia no longer accepts
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To all of our customers, thank you for helping us grow and improve the Gamedonia platform over the last four years. Now, we are shifting focus to work on GSN Games projects.

Complete backend platform

Our backend lets you build powerful social and multiplayer games.

We provide developers solutions to connect games to the cloud.

link social game profiles

  • Manage user login with a myriad of credentials
  • Monitor user behavior storing and retrieving profile info
  • Customize user account properties to your needs

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cloud save online games

  • Store data in the cloud where it’s easy to modify live
  • Manage game data in real-time that allow you to react faster
  • Store user stats for more control and better customer service

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server side game logic

  • Run server code logic to add safety to the game client
  • Version cloud scripts to deploy them instantly to a live game
  • Automate job execution and run events based scripts

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create multiplayer games

  • Match players in turn-based games with an Elo system
  • Foster fair games with the server acting as the referee
  • Create a competitive and fun turn-based environment

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send push messages fast

  • Communicate via push notifications with all mobile users
  • Send targeted notifications to specific segments of players
  • Preview messages in the composer and ship without delay

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secure in-app purchases

  • Integrate game shop with the App Store and Google Play
  • Validate IAP receipts with the fraud protection mechanism
  • Track every in-app purchase made by game users

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How do you make a live game

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